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The objective of our website is to support and enhance the services we provide for our customers. Chargemaster Maintenance Services (formerly a division of  National Health Systems) intends to provide resources to help you resolve current Chargemaster- related problems, report potential problems in your facility Chargemaster, and to provide the tools required to make the task of chargemaster maintenance less burdensome.

We will guarantee that facilities that use our services on a regular basis will never require a comprehensive review again.

CMS builds and restores Charge Description Masters (CDM). We find that it is sometimes necessary to completely disassemble and rebuild the CDM; however, at other times, a little polish is all that's required to restore the luster and usefulness of this important tool. Whatever level of service you require, you can count on the CMS Team to do an exceptional job and to take pride in the quality of their workmanship.

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